Courses After Graduation – How to Choose Them

Courses after Graduation are mostly chosen with considerations like:

  • Let us do what our acquaintance has done. He/She is doing well in life.
  • I have seen the advertisement of this course quite a few times in quite a few places
  • The course offers campus placement
  • Let me have an added qualification. Will give me an edge towards employment opportunity
  • I cannot afford to do post graduation
  • I cannot invest two years after graduation
  • I am done with studying. I want to work
  • I want to get into government service
  • I want to get in to bank jobs. They are secure
  • I want to get in to Civil Services only
  • I want to go abroad and study

While the reasons may be justified, the path chosen is wrong.

The courses after graduation can broadly be classified in the following way:

Certificate courses aligned to the graduation degree

Skill centered courses aligned or not aligned to graduation degree

Post graduate courses

Certificate courses after Bcom, BSc, BA, BE,Btech Some of the popular courses after Bcom, Bsc, BA are diploma in taxation, accounting, tally, diploma – lab technician, diploma in journalism, diploma in quality etc

Skill centered courses aligned or not aligned to graduation degree Some relatively less known but with huge employment opportunities, by virtue of few qualified candidates available are Business Analyst, Design & Animation, Economic, Psephology etc

Post Graduate Courses Mcom, MA, Mtech, MS, MBA are some of the after graduation courses.

Now how does one choose the course? It is very simple. Set your priorities in the following manner:

Cannot invest time and money for studying further, Need to get employed immediately The answer for this is short term certificate courses

Can invest two more years for studies. Would want to get employed after completing post graduation The answer for this is post graduation courses

The common goal after any course, certificate or post graduation, is a career. This is where one has to choose the certificate or post graduation degree with utmost care. This is because, any employment opportunity considers your last completed course as your eligibility for that job.

How to choose that certificate or post graduate course is therefore, the most important step. You cannot help if the graduation degree has been completed without proper assessment of your capability. And the biggest consoling factor being, any knowledge is good and valuable. But as stated before, the last completed certificate or post graduation degree decides what kind of job are you going to do, sustain, progress and succeed in the next 40 years of your career.

The criteria, therefore while choosing the course after graduation should be: c. Natural ability d. Natural Personality Careerfutura, with its unique online career assessment test, precisely maps these two vital parameters and through its panel of career experts, concludes on a decision of the right course for you.


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