Engineering Courses

Engineering Courses


Courses for engineering are obtainable in different degree types. For instance, Bachelor of Engineering (B.E or B.Eng.), Bachelor of Science Engineering (B.Sc. Eng.), Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.S.E.), Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) and Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) are some of the different degree – type undergraduate level courses for engineering. Of all the different kinds of degree programs available for students searching for courses for engineering degree, bachelor of technology (B.Tech) is among the most popular and common courses for engineering. The period of bachelor of technology courses for engineering ranges between 3 – 5 years; but commonly, the duration of bachelor of technology courses for engineering is 4 years, divided into eight semesters.

Students often confuse in the options of courses for engineering. So, here in this article, in order to guide those looking for courses for engineering degree, we are going to discuss top 3 most common and highly promising courses for engineering.


Top 4 Courses for Engineering Degree

Civil Engineering:

Civil engineering is among the most favorite courses for engineering. It is concerned with the study of the designing, development, maintenance and construction of developing infrastructure objects. Some of the main subjects which form a crucial part of a civil engineering course include construction & concrete technology, building drawings, fluid mechanics, surveying, transportation engineering, disaster mitigation & management, engineering geology, irrigation engineering and hydro power engineering.

Mechanical Engineering:

Mechanical engineering is measured to be among highly – demanded courses for engineering. It focuses on the study of the designing and analysis of manufacturing plants, heating and cooling systems, industrial equipment’s, transport systems, robotics, watercraft and aircraft. Some of the subjects which are covered under a mechanical engineering course include mechanical engineering, thermodynamics, electrical technology, fluid mechanics, manufacturing technology, engineering mechanics, kinematics of machine, machine drawing, refrigeration & air conditioning and heat transfer.

Computer Science Engineering:

In the modern digital times, computer science engineering has become an extremely popular engineering course. It is concerned with the operation of computational systems. It mainly deals with the theory, design, application and development of software and its systems. Some of the main subjects which form a significant part of a computer science engineering course contain mathematical foundation of computer science, fundamentals of programming, object – oriented programming, computer networks, operating systems and artificial intelligence.

Information Technology Engineering:

The course is Job oriented and tailored to changing needs of aspiring IT professionals. The focus is on equipping the students with the know-how of designing, developing, maintaining and analyzing Business Information System. The course offers students a chance to understand the principles and get the skills to develop the advanced software that underpins major technologies.

Apart from the above mentioned top 4 courses for engineering degree, there exist many more top courses for engineering degree as well. Some of the other top courses for engineering include chemical engineering, aerospace engineering, electrical engineering, electronics & communication engineering, software engineering, aeronautical engineering, petroleum engineering, genetic engineering, marine engineering, mechatronics engineering, architectural engineering, transportation engineering, metallurgical engineering, mechanical & automation engineering, biotechnology & biochemical engineering, civil & structural engineering, aircraft manufacturing & maintenance engineering, mining engineering and applied electronics & instrumentation engineering.



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