UG Admission

UG Education

The education provided after secondary education is called undergraduate education or UG education. It is also known as higher education. There are different kinds of ug courses. Some of the common types of ug courses include Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc), Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com), Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA).

UG Admission

Each year, a lot of students enrol for ug admission. But only a few students become successful in their ug admission. This is because, each year, plenty of students out of their carelessness, fail in their ug admission; they often do not take the ug admission process seriously. Several students remain ignorant of the ug admission process. They often confuse in the ug admission process. Students usually believe that the ug admission process is very complex and lengthy; but that is not true. The ug admission process of every college / university follows a certain pattern, which is a common ug admission process. It is similar in almost all colleges / universities. The ones who become accustomed to that common ug admission process no more believe that the ug admission process is a complicated affair.

Here in this article, we are going to explain you in detail the common ug admission process, which is followed by almost all colleges / universities.

The ug admission process of almost all colleges / colleges usually consists of three main steps.

Steps of UG Admission Process

Following are the 3 significant steps of almost all ug admission processes:

1. Application

2. Shortlisting

3. Counselling

These are the main steps which usually form a crucial part of all colleges’ ug admission processes. Given below is a detailed description of these three main steps of the ug admission process:

1. Application:

Application is the first step of almost all ug admission procedures. It is the most significant part of every ug admission. Students often fail to get admission in colleges because of their carelessness in their applications. Many students, out of hurry, end up filling incorrect details in their application forms or end up leaving it unfinished. A ug admission cannot take place in the absence of a proper application. So, every student should fill his / her application forms carefully.

2. Shortlisting:

Shortlisting is the 2nd step of the ug admission process. After the successful submission of an application, all the eligible applicants automatically get shortlisted. The shortlisted applicants receive an email and call from the college, informing them about the details of the counselling session.

3. Counselling:

Counselling is the 3rd and the last step of almost each college’s ug admission process. It is an important step of the ug admission process. Counselling is used to judge a student’s interests and capabilities. It enables students to find out the right path to choose from the various options provided at a college.

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